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Your Digital Garden.

A young farmer is using a computer laptop while standing among the orchard.

How to Set Up Your Own Digital Garden?

The digital garden is like a virtual space featuring the integration of a notebook and web blog, and in such space, the digital gardeners’ express opinions and their ideas with each other about the same topic. Unlike a traditional blog that contains posts with their publish date, the digital garden tends to work differently as content tends to remain refresh most of the. time with time to time editing and refining. The other perspective of digital gardening is navigation where a blog might be explored in chronological form in order to ensure a directional connection. Similarly, the generated connection forms a chain of ideas for the readers to follow up and proceed. Digital gardens tend to be upright and emphasise the content, nevertheless, they can be formulated as per the requirement of the owners’ preferred style and preferences. The development and working mechanism of the digital gardens work through intricate systems or straightforward code-free programs. There are multiple ways of development & setup of your own digital garden, including:

  • How to develop a no-code digital garden?

In case if you are not tech-savvy, you do not have to learn to code for the purpose of digital gardening and various platforms come with the tools to help you for creation of digital gardens.

  • Open Roam Databases:

It is one of the most convenient ways to formulate a digital garden is by a public database with Roam Research and for the same purpose, all you have to choose is “public” for the creation of the new database.

  • Notion:

Notion comes with multidirectional links that authorise the options for a digital garden. Simply create a homepage for the digital garden, click on the share and choose the option that will say share with the web for publishing.

  • TiddlyWiki:

If you want to call it the forefather of digital gardening, you will not be wrong at all. It is so because it tends to be a tremendously versatile platform for capturing and sharing notes, whereas, at the same time, it is backed up with a smooth & convenient interface & setting up options.

  • How to build a custom customised?

For the ones who want to enhance their technical skills, the options to build more of a custom digital garden is the way to go. There are numerous platforms that could help you in this regard including, Jekyll, Eleventy and Gatsby etc.